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Old World Beauty and New World Fun at Tendenza

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Kaytie and Ari were a mix of old world beauty and new world fun!  Kaytie looked timeless in her sweetheart, lace wedding dress and curls, and she managed to keep her cool all day long, exclaiming how this WAS the best day of her life!  After a leisurely morning getting ready with her girls in the comfort of her own home, Kaytie met Ari for the first time outside their gorgeous venue, Tendenza, surrounded by the texture, shapes and lines of the Piazza in Northern Liberties.  Ari looked handsome in his tuxedo and bow tie, but showed off his softer side while alone with Kaytie for their first look.  Back in Tendenza, the ceremony was held in the round under crystal and black chandeliers and a glowing chuppah.  All day the happy pair was surrounded by close friends and family, who clearly supported for their union, and helped keep the party going after the “I do’s.”  A beautiful first dance led to a rousing hora, during which Kaytie and Ari practically became airborne in their chairs as they guests hoisted them to the ceiling!  There was no shortage of toasts, sweet moments between families and hilarious anecdotes about the couple during the evening.  The dance floor was packed all night, and just as people lost their energy, an amazing desert spread and flambe station provided the needed sugar. Of course, Kaytie and Ari had plenty of sugar to spare ;) Thanks to the innate happiness of the couple, myself and all the guests enjoyed an incredibly beautiful, carefree day!

Avante Garde Wedding in Beallsville, Maryland for Elena and Brian

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This Philadelphia team of photojournalists loves a good avante garde wedding with traditional elements, and Elena and Brian’s beautiful celebration in May of this year absolutely fit the bill. Elena and Brian were a fabulously quirky couple, very much dancing to their own tune. Their Jewish wedding was at an outdoor event under a canopy of trees on a sunny day in Maryland. The ministers, Tania Gerich and Stream Ohrstrom, were wonderful! Brian looked sharp in Bethesda Custom Tailors adorned in white tails, white patten leather shoes, a purple vest and an orange mustache. Elena’s white dress and veil provided a beautiful contrast to the bright green grass and blue sky.

Their day at the Am Kolel Sanctuary and Retreat Center was filled with laughter and spontaneous dancing, as well as a drum circle and a garden labyrinth. Although the ceremony had Jewish elements, they also included a number of less traditional elements: the officiant tied their hands with a vine and they walked a circle around the guests to drumming. There were three prayers, a Native American prayer, a Hawaiian prayer, and a more traditional blessing. At one point during the ceremony, Elena and Brian simply started dancing under the Chuppah (which was filled with sunflowers for the joy of it).  The DJ, Vladimir Fridman, kept the night rocking with a fantastic slew of music!

Because of the purple theme to the day, Elena painted her toe nails purple, and both her maid of honor and her mother dyed their hair a shade of purple! After the ceremony, Elena changed into an enchanting purple evening dress to dance the night away in front of giant outdoor fans. They had two instrumentalists who performed an eclectic mix of songs with a violin and an acoustic guitar.

The JPG team also loves good food, and Elena and Brian’s reception was catered by a woman named ”Veggie Annie” with a flare for the homemade. Let me just tell you, strawberries and whipped cream and brown sugar was the most divine snack on a 96 degree humid sunny day! Then, they had three cakes: a regular cake, a carrot cake, and a “vintage chocolate cake” which was technically vegan, but the woman described it as a World War II recipe of her grandmother’s. At that time, ingredients were scarce but she came up with a cake that tasted fantastic despite the hardship. What a great metaphor for marriage — bringing together all of life’s available ingredients to create something wonderful together.

I’ve never seen a couple so thankful for their family and friends; the longest speech of the day was theirs, toasting almost every individual who made their day special. Elena and Brian, we wish you many years of happiness together. May you continue to take time to dance in open fields and smile at sunflowers!



Brilliant Spring Wedding at the Merion Tribute House for Adina and Ben

Friday, August 27th, 2010

This Philadelphia wedding photographer loves Jewish weddings, especially when the traditions clearly mean a lot to the bride and the groom.  Adina and Ben had this kind of meaningful day at Merion Tribute House on the Main Line this past May, and we enjoyed capturing their special moments together.

After the bride and groom put on their finishing touches, we set up a space on the Tribute House grounds for Ben to see Adina for the first time.  Despite the threat of rain, the weather held off long enough for these two to have a private moment before the ceremony.

Originally built to honor Merion residents who served in the military, the Tribute House is a beautiful venue both inside and out.  We used the exterior stonework as a backdrop for many of our shots, and then had some fun with Adina and Ben on the balcony too.

Because of the weather, the ceremony was held indoors.  First, close family and friends participated in the ketubah signing, and then the processional began.  We grabbed some great shots of the bridesmaids (and later, the bride) gathering in the arched stone doorway of the Tribute House, waiting to enter as the light streamed through.  Adina walked down the aisle, escorted by both of her parents, to the lovely sound of a cellist and violinist’s duet from Fairmount Strings.  The bride and groom shared wine under the chuppah and exchanged vows.  Then, Ben broke the glass to much celebration.

The sun came out just in time for some outdoor toasts by the bride’s sister and the groom’s brother.  The best man had some funny jokes to make about his brother, but through them, you could tell how much he loved and respected Ben.  Adina’s sister offered a heartfelt tribute to her sister and groom as well, and the sun seemed to celebrate too.

At the reception, there was delicious food galore from Culinary Design Associates with Glenn Pitt, and the bride and groom showed their Philly pride with some rocking soft pretzels!  The Tribute House had a great way of using its space, offering close family seating indoors, with additional seating available outdoors under a tent.  Each seating option offered its own picturesque view of architecture and details, and the centerpieces made by Ben’s very own Aunt Jean, were the perfect compliment.

Adina and Ben’s fairy tale day ended with much dancing, including, of course, a raucous rendition of the horah.  Surrounded by family and friends, these two seemed to have an incredible celebration as they began their life together.

Adina and Ben, we wish you many years of love and laughter.  Thanks for including us in your day!


Joe G

The full event can be found on Pictage.