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Friday, June 1st, 2012

A FUN day for Mindy and Dale and the Ballroom at the Ben

Monday, April 9th, 2012

I was so excited to shoot Mindy and Dale’s wedding because I knew it would be fun – and they did not disappoint!   Mindy and Dale started the day off separately; Dale pal-ed around with a huge group of guys, most of whom went mountain biking with him for his bachelor party, while Mindy slowly realized how beautiful she looked and felt surrounded by her ladies.  I think her exact words were “I look like a princess”!  The ceremony took place at St. Augustine in Philadelphia; the church was so big you could loose yourself in it’s grandeur, and was packed with loving faces.  The officiant praised Mindy and Dale for their strong roots and values, and both sets of parents looked on lovingly as the couple pledged their lives to each other.  The bond between these two was palpable; both have had a lot of time to get excited for forever.  Their bridal party showed me how fun they could be when we all ran down Kelly to the flowering trees along the river for a fun group shot–we even had groomsmen in the trees shaking petals on the couple as we photographed!  After a little private time with the couples under the blossoms, we all high tailed it to Ballroom at the Ben, one of my favorite classy venues in Philly!  The warm colors, the epic ballroom area and the stellar food always keep me shooting late into the night, and the friends of Mindy and Dale never allowed for a dull moment!  The kids were as energetic as the adults, staying up until the final song!  Many groomsmen ended up crowd surfing to songs like “We are Young” (by Fun I think), and even Mindy allowed herself to be thrown in the air!  Their first dance was sassy and fun, while the speeches made the crowds tear up.  The night ended with chocolate shots and a sing-along, shoes kicked to the side of the dance floor.  Thanks for a riotous party, Mindy and Dale!  Your future adventures are sure to be sweet if you travel the road side by side.